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Crosing Charts of Michigan Rail Lines

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I have mapped out the crossings, on some of the rail lines in Michigan, so far, I have completed the CSX main line from Plymouth Diamond to the Michigan Indiana Border, as well as starting on the Saginaw Subdivision from Flint to Toledo. It will take me a very long time to publish the files on this website, but I hope to do so as quickly as possible. I have spent a very long time creating these crossing charts, so please do not mis-use them or sell them.

  1. CSX Plymouth Subdivision Click Here
  2. CSX Saginaw Subdivision North of Plymouth
  3. CSX Saginaw Subdivision South of Plymouth
  4. Wiscosin Central Ore Subdivision
  5. Canadian National, Durand to East Lansing
CR= Coutny RD Yellow= Intersection Crossing Red Shading= State Land
Red Text= RR Crossing/ Object Blue Shading= Large River Orange Shading= Crew Change Point

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All charts were created by Mike Tabone for personal use only, and are not for sale, for an actual copy please email me at Eastern Michigan Railroads Webmaster I will gladly send you one.
Road Name Direction Crossing # Distance from Last Road Twp/ Town Distance from Plymouth Diamond CH24.7
Sheldon N-S 1 0.785 Plymouth Twp. 0.79
Beck Road N-S 2 1.54 2.33
Ridge Road N-S 3 1.11 3.44
5 Mile E-W 4 352 Yards 3.48
Enter Wayne County for East Bounds, Enter Washenaw County for West Bounds at Napier Road
Napier N-S 5 .860 Salem Twp 4.34
Chubb N-S 6 1.05 5.39
6 Mile E-W 7 .678 6.04
Currie N-S 8 .899 6.94
7 Mile E-W 9 .421 7.36
Charing Cross (Private Over Pass) NE-SW 10 .938 8.30
Enter Oakland County for Westbounds, Enter Wayne County for Eastbouds at 8 Mile
8 Mile (under pass tracks) E-W 11 4.16 Lyon Twp 8.72
Griswald N-S 12 1.14 9.86
9 Mile E-W 13