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Terms of Services, and Refund Policy

By hiring M & T Landscaping, you have agreed to hire Mike Tabone, and Adam Blatchford to do yard work or light duty Landscaping services on your property. In the event that your property is damaged by surrounding work areas, or my accident we will replace what was damaged at no charge to you, but if the damaged property is directly in the path of work, we will do everything possible to preserve it whether it is a plant or a bench, we will demonstrate extreme care while working on your property. While we are working on your property or in transit, or picking up materials, you will not be responsible for injury to any of the workers, or damage to their vechiles. In the event that our work becomes defective (does not include: Weeding, snow shoveling, or root removal for obivous reasons) we will fix it at with out charge for labor, you are still responsible for material costs. As a term of hire, you must provide all materials before hand or provide money to pick up materials plus a hauling fee. Any hauling (does not include tree service) over 100 pounds (any item over 100 pounds not total weight) will see a 2 dollar charge with the additional man power need to move the item.

I __________________________________________ agree to the above terms. I understand that I will not be responsible for injury to workers while working for me or while on my property. I __________________________________________ agree to pay Mike Tabone half upfront before the work is started unless agreed upon with Mike Tabone, and __________________________________________. I __________________________________________ understand that the work is done by semi-professionals. Mike Tabone __________________________________________ agrees to the terms stated above, and promises a quality job with low impact if any to the surronding areas.

Workers: __________________________________________ __________________________________________

Property Owners: __________________________________________ __________________________________________

Mike Tabone: __________________________________________

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