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South Lyon is located at CH36.02 (Mile post 36.02) on the CSX Plymouth Sub. South Lyon is a small local community with around 10,000 people. South Lyon in its hey day had the GTW and the Pere Marquette crossing at a 45 with a Witches Hat Depot and a turn of the century mill (both still standing). Today in 2007 South Lyon is a 6750 foot Passing Siding, and a 700 foot team track.

South Lyon's Railroad Features

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Click the Map Thumbnail to see a map of South Lyon.

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Winter 2007 Photos

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This has been my first major winter, where I have been able to see at least three trains per week compared to last year where I only saw about 3 trains every three weeks. With all the Western Coal, I have been seeing more coal trains with BNSF power, than I have seen General Merchandise! So I figured I'd post my BNSF power shots, after all BNSF is one of my favorite Paint schemes. The following dates and links will contain the different Western Coal trains that I have shot in South Lyon.

Western Coal