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Ingham County

Welcome to Ingham County, Michigan's Capitol County! Home of the Michigan State Spartans, The Capitol City Railfan~ Gregg Pullano, and three Class One Railroads!

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Ensel Yard

Two GP38-2s rest in Ensel Yard on a Saturday afternoon in January 2007. Photo by: Russell Sekeet

Lansing Railroads

  1. Canadian National
  2. CSX Transportation
  3. Norfolk Southern

Lansing Area Attractions

  • Michigan State University
  • East Lansing Amtrak Station
  • Trowbridge
  • Capitol Building
  • Michigan Musuem
  • Ensel Yard
  • Saginaw Yard
  • Clara's Resturant
  • GTW Steam Era Coaling Tower

Ingham County is home to Michigans Capitol City~ Lansing. Lansing is served by 3 railroads: Canadian National, CSX Transporation, and Norfolk Southern, and Amtrak on the CN makes two appearances with the Blue Water.
Canadian National Definetly has the biggest show in town, with a mostly double track main that runs from Port Huron to Chicago. Any power from any road can be seen on the CN line.
CSX is the second busiest, and has about 6 scheduled daily trains, but that number can easily jump up or down, as the line has a ton of Western coal trains with BNSF power, and Coke and Grain show up when ever they are needed, as well as the occasional rock train.
Norfolk Southern comes into Lansing from Jackson to the south, and goes to Saginaw Yard. They also have a connecting line from their yard up to the CSX at Ensel Yard in the northwest corner of the county.